Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I make prints of my best paintings; and this one called "WHISPER' has a whimsical sentiment and interesting textures. Click on the title above to see it and my other prints.

The original is a monoprint on heavily textured gessoed paper. The heart is applied 23 carat gold leaf and the colors are primarily acrylic or other water-based pigments.

This shows how I sell my prints. They are digital scans mounted on paper, then mounted on foam-core board. The paper carries the title, edition number and signature in pencil. The board carries a second signature on the reverse.

All the mounting materials are archival- even the clear bag. On the bag I write ".com" and the price  alongside my signature with a Sharpie. It's all easy, safe protection for the work until it can be framed.

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