Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm all over the place in what I like in art and what I like to paint. I have my silly side, but I really like a good landscape or still life. And I really like the trees here by the water; many evening hours have been spent watching flickering lightning in summer clouds.

Here is the working photo and the resulting painting in oil. On canvas 16 X 20 inches.
I started with a charcoal sketch followed by the final brush sketch in waterproof india ink. I spray fixed this and proceeded in oil. Final glaze varnish went on today.

Can you believe that we nearly removed these trees when we arrived 13 years ago? We thought we would make our mark and open up the view. We know now that we should have had our heads examined. Shade and beautiful ancient shade trees like these buttonwoods are at a premium here and add to the quality of life and habitat immensely.


  1. David this is just lovely. Love it.

  2. Okay David...not trying to be a constant commenter, but I had to write again because this is SO lovely. I especially like how you handled the rocks and trunks of the trees.