Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LIFE drawing

are three from a short session.

3 minute poses....

dipped in water and rough brushed.
All in a row...

I bailed halfway through
the morning session.  
For privacy,
the model was against a big pillar
with a beautiful, but glaring,
waterfront view behind.
Sorta fried my eyes after a while...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Illustration Friday: "SWEPT"


over an existing collage of 4 papers. It's
way faster than doing it digitally....

Acrylic, goauche, pencil
and type film.

He's getting the new day together.

Here's a star detail:

And the sweeper:


is a mixed medium painting
with a collage border.

I like to paint pattern repeat that 
LOOKS like block printing but isn't.
I like the way the genie's lamp's handle
sort of repeats the paisley designs.

A little gold scroll in the center.
And more curvy lines in a typographical border
which I took from the key caps on my Mac.
I typed them out in a larger font size
and printed them on vellum.
Then a whitewash of acrylic before
gluing them around the painting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


inspired by all the extraterrestrials
who are handsome and misunderstood.

The original is watercolor over acrylic and
oil pastel with decorations in 23 carat gold.

This is a print of the original
and shows how I present prints
in the gallery. Mounted on acid-free
Canson paper which carries the title, edition number
and signature in pencil.
My prints go out of the gallery for
$50. or $55. on an acid free foamcore board 
in an acid free Clearbag
from Impact Images. 

Easy and
pays the rent.
Pays for the gold, too!
Detail below...

Just picking up on the triangle design...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


'Did this for a SPOONFLOWER contest.
The challenge: a design for an 18 " napkin
created using crayon.
I only have oil pastels and they're messy.
To make crisp  pebble designs I cut the shapes from 
decorated papers.
It all laid flat on the scanner, but ultimately
a whole day shot.

Here it is cleaned up.
And the huge file was a slowpoke and still came out fuzzy.
Curiously, I didn't see much I liked in
the contest.

Friday, June 3, 2011



The owl is awake.
The moon doses above the rose.
Petal-sized wings flutter
outside the windows
filled with light.

Mixed media on rag board.

The moon's face is watercolor
on gold-flecked tissue

Owl's eyes are picked out in white gouache.
The little star behind and the white border are
type correction film.