Thursday, April 28, 2011


These are the type of sweet, colorful drinks
that make you groan, "Whhyyy?" the next morning.

The waiter is named Louie, or Jerry or Phillipe...

Acrylic on rag board.


As Mothers Day approaches
I'll share two new versions of my popular

The one with bright red shoes is 
actually called 'FLY MOMMY.'
The feather-headed one retains the original title.

Both are mixed media on found, crackled canvas:
11 X 14 inches. I've made 25 prints of each.

$50. each in a 16 X 20 format.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PAPER, paper everywhere!

has become a messy place. Give me a flat surface
and I will stack stuff on it!
Post tax-time, I am tackling and rearranging files
and feeding my paper shredder.
Above and below are two more delicate ways
to cut into paper.
The paper above has been gessoed, lacquered
and treated with patinating acids
on copper/brass paints.
The mermaid scene has been sealed  with
blue Rustoleum and ended up
with an antiqued finish.
My incrusted left-hand gives you a idea
of the cut-out's size. Both were done one night at the gallery.