Thursday, November 26, 2009

SUNS for a rainy day...

 Here are three brush drawings of
Colored pencil, watercolor and gold leaf.
Some of you will recognize this subject; I return to it but usually in color.

Did you know that a star with a face is called a 'Sun in Glory'?


  1. Oh David - these are awesome. I REALLY love your work. It's so fresh. Are these on watercolour paper?

  2. Black suns for a Black Friday....
    I painted these on Strathmore Bristol- which is what I mount my prints on. I have a covered jar that contains all my left over acrylic and black ink. It's like lumpy honey! But I just stir it and let the gravity take it off my brush. Details and lettering in watercolor. Gold is 23 carat gold.

  3. these are great. Dogs are a fantastic and popular subject.

  4. I've gotten a few 11 X 14 Raymar panels and have started a serious painting in oil on this subject.