Thursday, September 5, 2013


A well-meaning friend gifted me with an ancient box of hard NU"PASTEL color sticks.
I knew I had to have a textured working surface.
I painted acid -free foam core with a mixture of 
Liquitex neutral gray and clear gesso.
The later makes a gritty working surface.

That morning, I had stopped off at neighbor Maggie's studio where she
had been working with stencils. After she fed me breakfast (thanks!)
I headed in to work at the studio.

I found a whole bunch of stencils I had cut from Bristol paper
and textured some of the panels with definite patterns.
Geometric or florid, I think they might peek through whatever I create
 if I scrape the painted surface a little.

The surface takes the pastel well enough.
Started this to see; I've never worked with these sticks before.

Messy stuff, but interesting. A shot down Smathers Beach of a wedding party.


  1. It is just beautiful, love the composition and color. And thanks for giving me one of the boards, it is so pretty the way it is, I'm afraid of it.

  2. It's just surface and pigments; run and play!