Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'NEAR ATHENS' : an owl

is composed of three pieces of rag board.
The central, broad part is mixed media:
I used Derwent pencil over a raked acrylic surface.
There's some oil pastel in there, too.

The two vertical borders
are the same rag board wrapped 
with copper foil on which I had drawn
freehand designs of stars and leaves.
To protect the copper from oxidation,
the surface is covered with 23 carat gold
or a mixture of acrylic, india ink
and flow medium.
It does that: flows down into the embossed designs.
I rubbed it down a bit to bring out 
the designs.

One night at my gallery,
I cut some stencils of 
abstracted letter forms.
Used it here under some of the 
frothed acrylic glazes.

That's more gold on copper on the right.
Artwork dimensions: 12 inches square.


  1. wow! I've missed a lot of cool work-I love that owl!

  2. Thanks, buddy. That little owl also lives on an ancient re-figure skyphos in my library; cute and cuddly form, huh? Been checking your stuff, too; always pro' fun!