Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here's a dog on the beach Requested by a client who liked
a tiny (3 X 5 inches) painting called 'DOG AT DUSK.'

The big difference is the size: this is 40 inches square!
There was no set deadline; it is the couple's last-Christmas gift to themselves.
I'm grateful for that as I've tweeked it considerably.

The first image is the first attempt. I decided the hound was too big and I didn't find his place in the landscape was secure. I painted him out.

Now he is a real-dog size and sits on the beach BETWEEN
The stylized sea grape and the shoreline. 
Still, a big oil! I told 'N' that it's a little like painting 
on a trampoline. My new easel has helped a lot!
I hope they like it; my greyhounds influence the dog's shape.

Happiness: they love it! They'll pick up the rolled canvas and take it home to London...
Just added this detail image from the foliage.

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