Saturday, September 25, 2010


is Illustration Fridays word this week.
I DO like a cocktail and almost wrote out the recipe
for that tipple.
Here tho' is a gent with a rotary phone
and springy cord
acknowledging a rarity in his mail box.
dulled the whole thing down in Illustrator with sepia.
What else came to mind was something called
i thought of someone doing something nice
like holding a door open for a lady.


  1. Love the idea for "old-fashioned," but it does give me pause. I mean, I remember all those things, and it's a little scary that they even seem old-fashioned to me!

    Great illustration.

  2. Nice illo! yes hand written letters and good etiquette are under rated...And so are hand dialed phones...Yay for old fashoned!

  3. I like ur illo. Brings back memories. I miss snail mail and hearing someone's voice over the phone. Old-fashioned is nice sometimes.

  4. Great illustration David! Yes, it is sad that a hand-written letter is now considered old-fashioned. I know I certainly don't write as many as I used to.