Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life Drawing

We have a great old building in Key West; the Armory from the 19th century. Inside on Wednesday nights for most of the year there's a life drawing class. This is from my first time last week.

The usual quick 2-5 minute warm-ups leading to longer poses up to an half hour. A little egg timer gives a feeble ring at each session's end.

I grabbed a batch of papers and rag boards from my studio that were colored with left-over oil or acrylic paints. I've got loads of them in various textures.

The model's prop cane lent a theatrical aspect to some of the poses. And to play a bit I invented an imaginary boudoir setting behind the reclining nude. That was the lengthiest pose at 35 minutes.


  1. These are fantastic. I love the colored grounds.

  2. Jeanne,
    Merci.... I spent all yesterday preparing colored papers (Strathmore) using a credit card squeegee and my nearly empty tubes of Liquitex.
    Fun and nearly brainless.
    The stuff for your show looks great; really rich!